business property tax

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Tax discrepancies hurt renters in major Canadian cities

Rental developers must factor property tax rates into their feasibility projections.

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Calgary making tough tax decisions other cities aren’t

Calgary city council cut business property taxes by 11 per cent.

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Queen’s Park postponing property tax reform today could hurt businesses tomorrow

Businesses large and small face disproportionate property tax rates for the foreseeable future.

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Despite residential hike, Vancouver businesses still disproportionately shoulder property tax burden
In 2019, businesses paid a 0.427 per cent property tax compared to 0.134 per cent for homeowners.

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Montreal retail woes underscore need for property tax reform

Approximately 15 per cent of Montreal's street-level retail spaces are vacant.

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Ontario won’t be ‘open for business’ without business property tax reform

In the City of Toronto, property tax rates for commercial properties were almost four times higher than for residential properties.

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Property tax imbalance erodes political accountability, discourages business investment

The growth of capital investment in Canada slowed substantially from 2005 to 2018 compared to earlier periods.

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Property taxes hurting businesses—and communities—in the GTHA

In the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, commercial property tax rates were 2.2 times higher (on average) than residential rates.