canadian immigration

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Federal government’s turbo-charged immigration helping drive housing demand

Number of Canadian residents increasing faster than economic output.

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Canadians pay high price when governments lose common sense

From 2015 to 2022, Canada’s population increased by 3.3 million compared to only 1.6 million housing completions.

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Canada should increase productivity—not simply supercharge immigration

Federal policymakers seem uninterested in helping workers and businesses become more productive.

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If we’re not ready, immigration comes with heavy costs

Without accompanying business investment, an increased labour supply will lead to lower per-capita income growth.

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Attracting More People is Key to Atlantic Canada’s Future

The recent inflow of people to the region does not mean the problem of outmigration has been solved.

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In nine developed countries including Canada, immigrants are more than 20 per cent more likely to be self-employed than the native population.

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Some B.C. government policies are at odds with ambitions to grow the province’s tech sector.