causes of inflation

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Bank of Canada missteps helped fuel today's inflation

In recent decades, central banks have fought inflation using interest rates instead of monetary growth.

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Spending restraint in Ottawa could help reduce inflation

Canada’s population is expanding by more than one million per year while housing starts are stuck below 250,000.

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Inflation—why now and not post-2008?

While the Bank of Canada is beginning to shed assets, it will take sustained aggressive action to get control of the situation.

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Brace yourselves, Canada, inflation may be here to stay

The price of gas has increased by 41.7 per cent over the last 12 months.

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Canadian economy ripe for persistent high inflation

Increased government regulations and higher taxes will restrain the growth of labour productivity.

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Infrastructure—not a quick fix for inflation

Supply chains involve countless firms across the globe that contribute to the production and sale of goods.