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Proposed police transition in B.C.’s second-largest—weighing the costs and benefits

The proposed new policing model will have more staff, higher costs and fewer police officers.

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Drugs, murder, cellphones and economics

Cellphones make it easier to call the police if you think you’re about to be attacked.

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From 2013 to 2016, police officers per 100,000 in Canada fell by nearly 4 per cent.

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Luke Cage fights crime and corruption independent of the state’s law-enforcement agencies.

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The Fraser Institute's Economic Freedom of the World Report has ranked Venezuela dead last for the past four years.

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Given the common negative portrayal of businessmen in films and fiction, I get a little celebratory when someone else is the bad guy.

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Let's play a game of guess-who. Name the country where 80,000 people have been killed in a brutal conflict pitting a weak central government against powerful warlords; civil authorities regularly quit or join up with the warlords; and entire towns have been depopulated as the sides vie for control. It may sound like Yemen, Iraq or Afghanistan, but this country is a NAFTA neighbour.