education reform

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Despite spending less on public schools, Quebec outperforms most other provinces
In Ontario, the government provides no financial support for students in independent schools.

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Canadians families may soon benefit from U.S. education reform

U.S. legislation would help produce scholarships to fund a wide range of education choices for students.

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Independent schools key to improving K-12 education in Alberta

Alberta has experienced a decline in student scores in reading, science and math.

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Dollars and Sense of Education Reform in B.C.

Families are sensitive to the price of education, which is why provinces that do not provide funding generally have much lower rates of independent school enrolment.

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The United Conservative Party (UCP) recently released some proposed reforms in education.

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Last week marked the one-year anniversary of the exoneration of Lynden Dorval, an Edmonton physics teacher who was fired for giving zeroes on student assignments that were not completed.