emission reduction

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Ottawa’s new emissions plan—all pain, no gain

The cap would lead to at least $45 billion in lost economic activity in 2030 alone.

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Politicians clueless about implications of ‘net zero’ crusade

Electricity satisfies only a modest slice—roughly one-fifth—of Canada’s total primary energy demand.

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Ottawa’s ‘net-zero’ mission will cause widespread economic and social harm

Natural gas is critically important to produce electricity at affordable costs.

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Canada following the wrong ‘emissions’ example

As a result of Europe’s dependency on natural gas, prices have skyrocketed.

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Federal government report pushes implausible ‘climate’ scenario

The report exaggerates the current and future net costs of global warming.

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Federal government continues nonsensical ‘net-zero’ policy

Ottawa wants to reduce oil and gas sector GHG emissions to 42 per cent below 2019 levels by 2030.

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Benefits of Ontario climate policy—basically zero

When climate policy raises the cost of doing business here, the industrial activity simply moves elsewhere.

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Heatwave sparks calls for emissions restrictions while media ignores the costs

Canada was responsible for only 1.5 per cent of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions in 2018.