employment insurance

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Alberta’s outsized role in Canada matters for all Canadians

Albertans contributed $2.9 billion more to the CPP than they consumed in 2017.

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Boost EI but don’t create new wage subsidy program

The $3.8 billion program will provide up to $25,000 in subsidies per employer.

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Ottawa enacts measured, well-targeted response to coronavirus downturn

The Trudeau government announced temporary increases to the GST credit and Canada Child Benefit.

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Trudeau government’s COVID-19 fiscal response avoids major mistakes

Ottawa will spend up to $27 billion supporting individual Canadians and businesses.

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Next prime minister must consider risks of potential recession

In 2009, regular EI benefits surged by 43.4 per cent or nearly $5.0 billion.

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A GAI would likely require large-scale lay-offs of bureaucrats to achieve substantial administrative savings—a move that would obviously face strong internal political opposition.