energy poverty

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Government policies may soon plunge millions of Canadians into ‘energy poverty’

The federal government's carbon tax is set to reach $170 per tonne of emissions by 2030.

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Ottawa should learn from energy pain in California and Texas

The number of interruptions in California’s power supply increased from 12 to 42.

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Alberta can help alleviate energy poverty at home and abroad

Atlantic Canada had the highest incidence of energy poverty—20.6 per cent of households.

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Ontario’s plan to increase electric vehicle purchases may cost up to $277 million over the next five years.

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In Atlantic Canada, a stunning 20.6 per cent of households were in energy poverty as of 2013.

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Adding more renewable electricity generation will not help Atlantic Canadians already burdened with high energy prices.

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In 2013, 30 per cent of households earning $27,000 or less had to devote 10 per cent or more of their expenditures to energy.