environment policy

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Plastics help green the Earth despite Trudeau government plans
Refined petroleum and synthetic products have reduced demand for whales, trees and human labour in many forms.

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If carbon taxes work, why all the new regulations?

Revenue-neutrality for governments will require other taxes to go up, not down.

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On Earth Day, Canadians should celebrate our environmental record

Canada’s ambient levels of sulphur dioxide plummeted by 92 per cent.

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Mayors hope to shake down energy companies

There's no basis for claiming that energy companies secretly concealed knowledge of climate risks.

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Canada has some of the most stringent air quality standards in the world.

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IEA report eschews revolutionary “all renewables” language and talks about energy production that is less polluting.

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The Green Party opposes the Nova Scotia government’s apparent plan to back the re-opening of the Donkin coal mine in Cape Breton.