federal debt

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24 facts for 2024—Canadians should understand impact of government policies

More than 60 per cent of lower-income families now pay higher federal income taxes.

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You are paying for our governments’ debt addiction

Since 2007-08, combined federal and provincial government net debt has increased by roughly $1 trillion.

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Federal government’s promises of deficit reduction ring hollow

The 1995 federal budget began a process of major policy reforms that put the government on a path to fiscal balance.

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Cost of federal government debt rising for Canadians

Federal debt interest costs increased by 90 per cent in just two years.

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Insights from a Discussion Between Titans

The top 10 per cent earned 29.1 per cent of all income but paid 35.8 per cent of the total tax burden.

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Federal government points to misleading debt rankings to justify debt explosion

In reality, Canada’s government debt is high relative to other comparable countries.

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Federal government poised to pile on more spending and debt

Since 2014/15, federal government debt interest costs have nearly doubled.

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Federal government’s record-breaking spending saddles Canadians with huge debt

By the end of this fiscal year, the federal government will have racked up $591.9 billion in debt since 2015.