free trade agreement

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The new deal reportedly jettisons environmental obligations that were part of the last four U.S. trade deals.

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Canada's trade hurdle—it’s all about supply management

Canada has less leverage with U.S. negotiators now than before the U.S.-Mexico deal.

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A mercantilist policy that simple-mindedly favours exports and discourages imports inevitably ends up suppressing real wages.

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Donald Trump doesn’t understand the benefits of trade, and Hillary Clinton has criticized trade on the campaign trail.

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Those behind the plan are central planners at heart, mistakenly seeing themselves as the initiators of trade.

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If Canadians need a reason to support the just-announced free trade agreement with South Korea, here are a few hundred million: every year, Canadians pay hundreds of millions of dollars in hidden taxes on imported automobiles and auto-related products. At least some of those hidden taxes are in the form of tariffs applied to imports from South Korea.