GHG emissions

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Net-zero targets neither feasible nor realistic

In 2023 global fossil fuel consumption was 55 per cent higher than in 1997.

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Fossil fuels not going away anytime soon

Fossil fuels still supply 80 per cent of the world’s energy.

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Ottawa’s cap-and-trade plan long on costs, light on environmental benefits

According to the plan, the oil and gas sector must reduce emissions by up to 38 per cent by 2030.

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Politicians clueless about implications of ‘net zero’ crusade

Electricity satisfies only a modest slice—roughly one-fifth—of Canada’s total primary energy demand.

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Another federal mandate, another increase in costs

The government plans to raise the cost of what the government purchases.

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Quebec creates its own state-sponsored environmental problems

Since the 1960s, the steel industry has been the recipient of provincial government largesse.