government regulation

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Ottawa’s stifling policies will test optimism of Canadian CEOs

The success of any economy hinges on its institutions including its laws and regulations.

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Ontario government has made COVID economic pain even worse

The Greenbelt Act helped drive up residential housing prices in the Greater Toronto Area.

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B.C. government imposes travel restrictions while COVID numbers fall

The seven-day moving average of new daily positive COVID cases has been decreasing since April 12.

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Price controls and anti-gouging laws make matters worse

Letting the price of scarce goods rise forces us to use the limited supply of the good for the most important purposes.

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In recent decades, the television sitcom has reflected the massive shift towards urban life.

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Entre les deux derniers recensements (2006 et 2011), la croissance de la population dans l’agglomération montréalaise a été de 5,2%, surpassant largement la moyenne provinciale de 4,7%.

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Question: Have you ever felt annoyed at a restaurant when your bill arrived with a mandated tip, thus removing your (monetary) ability to comment on the service? If so, that's about how governments act vis-à-vis travel costs for Canadians, this when governments prevent full competition which would reduce prices.

For example, consider a trip the average Canadian family might take this holiday season.