healthcare performance

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New Brunswickers will endure long health-care waits until government enacts real reform

Last year the province's median wait between referral from a family doctor and receipt of surgery was 52.6 weeks.

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Canadian politicians should learn about Australia’s better health-care system

In Australia, more than 70 per cent of elective hospital admissions involving surgery occurred in a private hospital.

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P.E.I. government’s policies hurting health-care recruitment effort

At $75,000 in income, the province has the highest combined tax rate in Canada.

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Bill Maher is right about Canadian health care

Among countries with universal health care, Canada has some of the lowest numbers of physicians, hospital beds and MRI machines.

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B.C. government must fundamentally reform health care to shorten wait times

In 2021/22, 41 per cent of all hospital care in Australia took place in private facilities.

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Ontario needs health-care reform not more billions from taxpayers

In other countries with universal health care, patients are free to seek care privately and are not shackled to the government system.

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Alberta government must fundamentally reform health care to shorten wait times

The median wait time for surgery in Alberta was 33.5 weeks, one of the longest waits in the country.

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Canadian patients want other options outside crumbling health-care system

Countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Australia either partner with their private sector or use it as a pressure-valve for the public system.

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Saskatchewan proved that reform can shorten wait times

The province went from having some of the longest waits for surgery to some of the shortest.