healthcare performance

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Saskatchewan proved that reform can shorten wait times

The province went from having some of the longest waits for surgery to some of the shortest.

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Canadians losing faith in our health-care system

Other countries include the private sector as a partner in the universal health-care framework.

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Canadian policymakers should learn from Australia’s health-care system

Australia’s health-care system outperformed Canada’s on many measures including the availability of physicians and hospital beds.

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Federal government embraces co-payments and ‘dual billing’ for dental care—but not health care

Ottawa's plan won’t replace existing provincial and territorial programs that already cover some oral health services.

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Alberta government must stand up to Ottawa to fix health care

The province's health-care wait times are longer than the national average.

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Albertans endure some of the longest health-care waits in Canada

The province's median wait between referral and receipt of treatment was 33.5 weeks.

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Canadians face longest health-care wait times on record

The median wait time between referral from a family doctor to treatment now stands at 27.7 weeks.

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B.C. government sends patients to U.S. while fighting private options in B.C.
The total wait between referral to treatment for oncology in B.C. is now about twice as long as the Canadian average.

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Alberta’s bureaucratic shuffle bears little resemblance to necessary health-care reforms

Australia, Switzerland and Germany all deliver more timely universal care with comparable levels of spending to Canada.

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B.C.’s health-care wait times only getting longer

Wait times in the province more than doubled from 10.4 weeks in 1993 to 25.8 weeks in 2022.