home prices

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If millennials have no money, how can house prices be high?

Over time, the main drivers of home prices are incomes and interest rates.

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Feds should not get more involved in housing markets

Average home prices are up almost 60 per cent in the GTA and 70 per cent in Metro Vancouver.

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Sale prices in the Greater Toronto Area at the end of 2016 were almost 110 per cent higher than a decade prior.

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More than 80 per cent of Canadians live in towns, cities and suburbs.

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In today's budget, B.C. NDP Finance Minister Carole James said the government’s housing plan will be “comprehensive."

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The price of homes—like the price of anything—is determined by both demand and supply.

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Across the Greater Golden Horseshoe it takes an average of 18 months to obtain a building permit.

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Historically low interest rates have enabled families to more than double their mortgage borrowing power since 2000.