labour unions

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Allowing workers to bargain independently from the union would help limit the problem of free-riding while not forcing workers to join a union and pay dues.

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Despite the potential for increased worker choice to benefit workers, opponents often raise three objections as reason not to pursue such reform.


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Pilots at WestJet recently voted to reject union representation, sparking renewed interest in labour relations laws in Canada. The vote means WestJet pilots will remain non-union in contrast to their counterparts at Air Canada.

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Ontario, once Canada’s flourishing economic and manufacturing hub, is in steady decline with slow economic growth and rapidly expanding government debt being a sad yet reoccurring story.

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With Ontarians heading to the polls in a little more than a week, and up to four other provincial elections possible this fall, unions across the country have ramped up their political activism. Unfortunately, the unionized workers footing the bill through forced union dues will be left in the dark about the millions of dollars unions spend on political attack ads and donations to advocacy groups and political parties.