land-use regulation

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B.C. government’s new land-use law threatens viability of province’s mining industry

In 2024, nominal investment in B.C.'s mining sector will reach a projected $2.4 billion, 15 per cent less than 12 years ago.

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More government money won’t move needle on housing affordability

The federal government plans to spend billions on “affordable” housing over the next several years.

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Land-use regulation in “superstar” U.S. cities—same old sad story

The typical number of approval bodies with veto power over rezoning increased in many cities.

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B.C. government acknowledges how land-use regulations help determine home prices

Supply elasticity is a central factor in any analysis of home-price growth.

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It takes 21 months, on average, for Vancouver to approve housing projects compared to seven months in Burnaby.

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Compliance costs and fees in Toronto are typically more than twice what they are in Hamilton.