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Ontario’s ‘discovery math’ disaster underscores need for renewed focus in schools

In 2022-23, only 50 per cent of Grade Six students met provincial standards in math.

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All provinces—not just Alberta—should embrace charter schools

According to long-term trends, public school spending is rising while test scores are falling.

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Smartphone ban in Nova Scotia classrooms can’t come soon enough

According to PISA results, Nova Scotia 15-year-olds are 27 points below the Canadian average in math.

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Numbers don’t lie—Saskatchewan kids can’t afford a teacher strike

The province's students dropped 22 points in science, 38 points in math and 21 points in reading.

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Plummeting math scores should trigger change in Canadian classrooms

Teachers should reclaim their proper role as subject-matter experts who take charge of the learning process.

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Woke ideology destroying diversity of thought in schools

In a public statement, Richard Bilkszto's family blamed his death on how he was treated by the Toronto school board.

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Parents need more information to choose the right school

The simplest way to expand school choice is to let the money follow students to the school their parents choose.

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Don’t make student failure impossible—sometimes it’s necessary

Based on research, there’s no reason to assume that grade retention is always harmful.