metro vancouver municipalities

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What are the top spending categories for Metro Vancouver municipalities?

Burnaby allocated the highest share of spending to parks and recreation.

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Metro Vancouverites will go to the polls later this month.

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A tale of two cities

Higher business tax rates may deter job-creators from setting up shop.

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In an effort to make housing more affordable in Greater Vancouver, B.C.’s latest budget exempts newly-built homes worth up to $750,000 from the property transfer tax.

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Local land-use regulations inhibit the building of new homes, contributing to price increases.

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Housing markets in Canada’s largest cities are once again the subject of national news, this time because of an increase of the minimum down payments for government-backed mortgages.

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B.C. Premier Christy Clark recently said that another plebiscite would be required if Metro Vancouver municipal governments want a new tax to fund a transit-heavy capital plan.

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Columnists reveal bias on municipal spending and taxation.


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Asking for more money is common among municipal officials. Despite soaring transfers from higher level governments, municipalities repeatedly claim they need more because their revenue sources lack growth potential.