monetary policy

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Bank of Canada missteps helped fuel today's inflation

In recent decades, central banks have fought inflation using interest rates instead of monetary growth.

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Politicians should leave monetary policy to the Bank of Canada

Annual inflation peaked at 8.1 per cent in June 2022, well above the bank’s 2 per cent target.

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IMF report spotlights Canada’s economic woes

Prosperity on a per-person basis has been stagnant since the mid-2010s.

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Canadians suffering from Ottawa’s ‘fairy dust’ approach

Last election, the prime minister said he doesn’t worry about monetary policy.

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Ottawa threatening Bank of Canada’s independent image

The goal of "maximum sustainable employment" is largely determined by forces beyond the central bank’s control.

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Central bank ‘equity’ quest raises questions about non-traditional monetary tools

Central banks may direct chartered banks to increase lending to borrowers from underrepresented communities.