municipal finances

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Ford/Tory row exposes cloudy nature of municipal finances

On the spending side, Toronto topped the region at $4,010 per person.

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Burnaby relies heavily on industrial property taxes

At 44.9 per cent, Burnaby’s heavy industry tax rates were more than 22 times higher than its residential tax rates.

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Municipal spending in Ontario—a snapshot

The average annual growth rates in household income range from a high of 4.1 per cent for Timmins to a low of -0.1 per cent for Windsor.

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Per capita municipal debt in Ontario ranged from a low of zero in Whitby to a high of $2,634 in York Region.

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One of the justifications for the rising rates is to promote environmental responsibility and water conservation.

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Once again, Calgary city council has raised property taxes beyond the rate of inflation. No surprise. Over the past seven years, only once, in 2007, has council approved a tax increase below Calgary’s inflation rate.