new brunswick

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Mainers make considerably more than New Brunswickers

The province's median earnings were $29,323 compared to $41,341 in nearby Maine.

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New Brunswick Premier Higgs tops among peers on spending and tax policy

The Higgs government created fiscal room to reduce taxes in New Brunswick.

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New Brunswick government should reduce spending to solidify provincial finances

With interest rates rising, it's all the more important for governments to carefully manage money.

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New Brunswick needs stronger private sector to prosper

The province ranked ninth in small business startups, a key measure of entrepreneurship.

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New Brunswick budget brings tax relief—but more is needed

The budget projects $40 million in personal income tax relief for more than 400,000 tax filers.

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New Brunswick takes small step toward ‘revenue-neutral’ carbon tax
The province’s carbon tax revenue will fund fuel tax reductions or subsidize “green” spending.

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Trudeau carbon tax hike will hammer New Brunswick economy

A $170 per tonne carbon tax will cost the province an estimated 2,200 jobs.

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Higgs government shows spending restraint—but long-term challenges loom
New Brunswick's provincial government debt will eclipse $14 billion this year.