oil and gas industry

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Western countries demonize oil and gas at their peril

Normally when a product experiences record-high prices, suppliers expand production capacity to meet demand.

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Rising oil prices won’t solve Canada’s oil and gas problems

Investors will invest in energy projects where expected risk-adjusted returns are highest.

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Trudeau government’s new climate target much more costly than Biden plan

If Canada removed all fossil-fuel cars from the roads, emissions would only drop by 5 per cent.

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Line 5 shutdown would be devastating for Quebecers, Ontarians and the environment

The pipeline carries approximately 540,000 barrels of oil and natural gas liquids to refineries in Ontario.

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Federal ‘net-zero’ target puts crosshairs on oil and gas workers

A new study estimates that up to 450,000 oil and gas jobs are at risk.

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Investors souring on Nova Scotia’s oil and gas sector

Last year was the first in at least 25 years that the province derived no revenue from petroleum royalties.

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Biden’s presidency poses new risks for Canada’s energy sector

Biden’s climate plan aims to wean the U.S. off of fossil fuels.

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Plastics ban one more blow to Alberta’s energy sector

Investment in Canada’s oil and gas sector has declined by 35 per cent.