oil and gas investment

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Trudeau government should listen to the chiefs and support natural resource development

The chiefs want the government to shelve two bills currently under Senate review—Bill C-69 and Bill C-48.

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Alberta desperately requires regulatory reform

The Notley government imposed a 100 megatonne cap on greenhouse gas emissions from the oilsands.

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Tax hikes squeezing various elements of Alberta society

If Prime Minister Trudeau has his way, carbon taxes will rise to $50/tonne of emissions by 2022.

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Canadian oil and gas producers are unable to reach new Asian markets, costing the Canadian economy billions.

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Alberta dropped from 14th in 2014 to 43rd this year—below British Columbia for the first time.

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In a historic election on May 5, Albertans rebuked the Progressive Conservative Party, which had governed the province for 44 years, and handed the reins of power over to the New Democratic Party, headed by Premier-elect Rachel Notley.

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When petroleum companies think about where to invest money in exploration and development of oil and gas, Quebec is far down the list of preferred destinations.