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Ontario government can’t blame fiscal woes on ‘slow’ economy

For the 2024/25 fiscal year, the budget projects a $6.1 billion increase in program spending.

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Municipal dollars in Ontario—where did the money go?

Municipal government spending in the province has grown 2.5 times faster than general inflation and two times faster than population.

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Instead of pumping the brakes, Ontario government accelerates spending and debt accumulation

The government will increase program spending by $4.2 billion in 2024/25 and $3.5 billion in 2025/26.

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Ontario government should finally keep its promises in upcoming budget

By the end of this fiscal year, deficits under the Ford government will total a projected $41.7 billion over six years.

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Ontario’s budget—another opportunity to lower province’s high income tax rate

At 53.53 per cent, the province has the third-highest top personal income tax rate in Canada and the United States.

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Premier Ford—one of the biggest spenders in Ontario history

Under the Ford government, inflation-adjusted per-person spending has increased by 2.4 per cent annually.

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Despite balanced operating budget in 2021/22, Ontario faces mountain of debt

The province holds $380.4 billion in debt—or nearly $26,000 per Ontarian.

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Ontario government should target wages and benefits of government employees

Government-sector workers in the province enjoy a 10.3 per cent wage premium over their private-sector counterparts.