Paul Martin

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When I was a boy, Pearson and Diefenbaker were thought to be bumblers compared to St. Laurent and King.

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After the reforms, Saskatchewan government spending as a share of the economy fell to 15.3 per cent, down from 23.8 per cent.

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Starting in 1995, Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Finance Minister Paul Martin reduced program spending, balanced the budget and cut taxes.

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Prime Minister Trudeau’s upcoming first budget reportedly contains a deficit in excess of $30 billion.

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All expectations for next week's federal budget are that it will look much like the March version -one that included a substantial $30-billion deficit this year (2011-12) and no credible plan to return to a balanced budget.

Canadians deserve more. The newly minted Conservative majority should seize the opportunity to put forth a truly conservative plan to balance the budget -one that puts federal departmental spending on the chopping block.