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Federal government estimates don’t reflect true costs of national pharmacare

The expected costs of national pharmacare have already increased by approximately $400 million.

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Ottawa’s pharmacare plan would likely reduce drug coverage for millions of Canadians

Under pharmacare, the 25 million Canadians who currently have private drug insurance plans will instantly have less coverage.

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Federal government not being honest about true cost of national pharmacare

Support among Canadians for national pharmacare drops from 79 per cent to 40 per cent when the plan is linked to tax hikes.

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National pharmacare program—the threat to patients and innovation

Canadians may experience more limited access to new drugs and poorer health-care outcomes.

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Ottawa preaches diversity yet practises homogeneity

Parents who prefer informal daycare are excluded from the federal child care program.

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Support for new federal programs collapses when Canadians have to pay for them

The national daycare program will cost an estimated $7.9 billion annually by 2025/26.

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National pharmacare poll ignores fiscal reality and alternative plans

Every province already offers drug coverage to social assistance recipients at low or no cost.

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New poll exposes key problems with any national pharmacare plan

Every province offers drug coverage to social assistance recipients at low or no cost.