prescription drugs

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Ottawa’s pharmacare plan would likely reduce drug coverage for millions of Canadians

Under pharmacare, the 25 million Canadians who currently have private drug insurance plans will instantly have less coverage.

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Federal government not being honest about true cost of national pharmacare

Support among Canadians for national pharmacare drops from 79 per cent to 40 per cent when the plan is linked to tax hikes.

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Americans want prescription drugs from Canada

The Trump administration may not approve Florida’s drug import plan.

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The original OHIP+ provided limited coverage to a population that largely didn’t need assistance.

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U.S. pharmaceutical innovation has been disproportionately funded by U.S. consumers of patented drugs.

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In most countries with universal health care, patients share the cost of treatment—surgical or pharmaceutical.

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Queen's Park should amend existing programs to better target vulnerable groups.

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Under Medicare in the U.S., private insurers compete to offer coverage within regions.

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Reform proposal misrepresents the nature of the global market and role of intellectual property.