public sector compensation

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Government workers in Atlantic Canada make 11.9% more than private-sector counterparts

The region's government-sector workers enjoy an average wage premium of 11.9 per cent.

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Mayor’s misguided argument ignores other reform options for Toronto

More than half of all City of Toronto spending is on wages and salaries.

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Compensation of government employees consumes half of all program spending in Ontario

For comparable jobs, government-sector wages in Ontario are 10.6 per cent higher (on average) than wages in the private sector.

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In Ontario a whopping 77 cents of every dollar spent on K-12 public education goes to compensate teachers and staff.

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On health care, despite a high level of spending, Canadians have comparatively poor access to technology and doctors, and long wait times for surgery.

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Already, Montreal taxpayers see 13 per cent of their city’s operating budget go to fund pensions.