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Socialism definitions and tax increases: all respondents vs. socialism supporters

Support for the traditional definition of socialism is comparatively weak.

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New poll finds strong support for socialism in the U.K.

Among Britons aged 18 to 34, support for socialism increases to 53 per cent.

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Large percentage of Aussies want socialism—but don’t want to pay for it

Only 39 per cent of Australians support a broad-based increase in personal income taxes.

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Young Americans support abstract and unworkable socialism

Only 32 per cent of Americans define socialism as government taking control of companies and industries.

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Four in 10 Canadians prefer socialism but not higher taxes to pay for it

Support for socialism drops from 50 per cent among Canadians 18-24 years old to 38 per cent among Canadians over 55.

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Schumpeter sagely foresaw today’s anti-capitalist class

Special interests increasingly use government to lessen competition and secure favours at taxpayer expense.