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Businessmen who preach ‘corporate social responsibility’ pave the road to socialism

Societies where free enterprise prevails have the highest standards of living.

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It’s reasonable to call Trudeau a modern-day socialist

The prime minister has mandated the end of new vehicle sales that emit greenhouse gases by 2035.

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Mayonnaise is for spreading on sandwiches, not spreading socialism

The goals of "stakeholder" capitalism include environmental concerns such as protecting forests.

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Business needs to focus on business

Societies that rely more on individuals to make decisions, rather than government, enjoy greater social progress.

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Powerful group seeks to control Canadian economy and restrict personal freedom

Free markets, not central planning, deliver economic growth and social harmony.

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Stakeholder capitalism and ESG—the road to socialism

Businesses can only succeed by benefiting their customers—unless granted special treatment by government.

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Still moving toward markets 30 years after the Berlin Wall

Eastern Europe's socialist economies opted for different paths to market liberalization.

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Socialism produces misery, starvation, death—and bad beer

Central planners lack the knowledge and incentives to respond to consumer wants and needs.

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Senator Warren’s bill would force U.S. corporations with more than $1 billion in annual revenues to obtain a federal corporate charter.

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Canadians have long suffered through long wait times for health care.