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Smartphones hurt student learning in the classroom

In Canada, 80 per cent of students reported feeling nervous or anxious if their phones were not near them during math instruction.

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Plummeting math scores should trigger change in Canadian classrooms

Teachers should reclaim their proper role as subject-matter experts who take charge of the learning process.

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COVID school closures dramatically set kids back—here are some solutions

Union agreements hamper the ability of governments to hire and reward excellent teachers based on merit.

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Public schools should remain neutral on gender identity and other controversial issues

Polls show most Canadians hold the traditional view that there are only two genders.

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BCTF assault on student testing out-of-step with most B.C. parents

International tests show B.C. student achievement has dropped in recent years, especially in math.

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Student performance on the wane in B.C.

The more students know about a topic, the more likely they’ll be able to understand what they read.