supply management

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Canada should abolish supply management to help tame inflation

The inflation rate for supply managed products such as butter and milk outpaced the general rate.

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Supply management impedes supermarkets from keeping pace with demand

Importers of large quantities of chicken, cheese and butter are compelled to pay taxes exceeding 200 per cent.

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The flatulence of cows produces large quantities of greenhouse gases.

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Canada’s supply management systems impose tariffs of up to 300 per cent on above-quota imports.

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Trudeau government should concede on key NAFTA issues for the benefit of most Canadians

Dairy farmers in Canada benefit from high prices delivered by supply management.

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When the Australian market was deregulated in 2000, the average price farmers received for raw milk almost doubled.

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Canada's trade hurdle—it’s all about supply management

Canada has less leverage with U.S. negotiators now than before the U.S.-Mexico deal.

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In renegotiating NAFTA, President Trump wants to end Canada’s supply management system.

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Eliminating restrictive dairy industry protections could lower dairy costs for Canadians by up to 40 per cent.