tax freedom day

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Government services faltering despite Ottawa’s tax hikes

Since 2015, the number of employees at the Canada Revenue Agency increased from around 40,000 to almost 60,000.

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June 23 is Balanced Budget Tax Freedom Day in Canada

Canadians should consider the $69.9 billion in combined federal and provincial deficits as deferred taxes.

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June 27 is Balanced Budget Tax Freedom Day in Canada

According to budget forecasts, the federal government will run a $40.1 billion deficit this year.

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Average family in Newfoundland and Labrador will pay more than 46% of income on taxes

The province's net government debt has increased by more than 18 per cent since 2019.

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Quebec has latest ‘Balanced Budget Tax Freedom Day’ of any province

The federal and provincial governments will run combined deficits of $86 billion in 2022.

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Tax Freedom Day in Nova Scotia—not much to celebrate

The average Nova Scotia family will pay more than 44 per cent of their income on taxes this year.