total tax burden

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Canadian families face larger tax burden than last year

In 2024, the average Canadian family earning $147,570 will pay an estimated $65,766 in total taxes.

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Canadians face bigger tax burden than you think

According to polling data, 80 per cent of Canadians don’t want average families to pay more than 40 per cent of their income in taxes.

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Tax burden for P.E.I. families continues to grow

The average family in the province will pay more than 43 per cent of its income in taxes this year.

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Higher capital gains taxes will further threaten living standards in Canada

Business investment (excluding residential development) is down 22.5 per cent.

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Canadian families face growing tax burden with no relief in sight

The total federal/provincial government debt is due to increase by $86 billion in 2022/23.

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Property tax imbalance erodes political accountability, discourages business investment

The growth of capital investment in Canada slowed substantially from 2005 to 2018 compared to earlier periods.

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Since forming government, the Liberals have announced several tax hikes and more may be on the way.

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No one really thinks we should abolish all taxes. After all, how would governments fund important public services that form the foundation of our economy? Think of services like protecting property, building infrastructure, upholding the legal system, to name a few. The real debate is about the amount of taxes that governments extract from us given the services we get in return.