trade policy

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Natural resources remain backbone of Canada’s trade and prosperity

Trade surpluses in the energy, mining, forestry and agri-food sectors offset chronic trade deficits in other sectors.

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Canadian policymakers should increase free trade at home as protectionism clouds gather

Provinces could eliminate provincial marketing boards, which prevent free trade in specific food items including poultry products.

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Trump’s TikTok move sends clear warning to Canadian companies

The Trump administration has repeatedly promoted mercantilist industrial policy.

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Canada needs more major trading partners beyond China and the U.S.

China still only represents five per cent of our exports.

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19th century thinking drives China’s trade and economic policy

China’s economy tends to maximize its exports of high value-added products.


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Canadian policymakers should learn from Trump’s supply-side success

Private-sector capital spending in the U.S. picked up substantially after President Trump took office.