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    School Chain Showcase

    Improving education through

    The School Chain Showcase is a multilingual and interactive website that profiles innovative school chains from around the world and the different ways they educate their students.

    Discovering Schools
    A school chain refers to a group of schools that:

    • has been successfully replicated in three or more locations;
    • is guided by a clearly communicated mission; and
    • objectively measures the extent to which it meets its intended goals.

    As replicated institutions, school chains offer an established reputation and approach, having already tested and proven their school model at multiple locations and often in multiple markets. As mission-led institutions, school chains offer unique models that often serve specific student populations or provide specific benefits to students and their families which may not yet be available elsewhere in the world.

    Improving education
    The ultimate goal of the School Chain Showcase is to improve education by encouraging the further expansion of proven school models.

    Linking stakeholders
    Students, parents, educators, policy makers, and investors can connect with school chains that wish to expand.

    Around the world
    The Showcase is international in its scope. It features school chains from around the globe and its multilingual site is designed to connect interested parties around the world.
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