Fraser Forum - July/August 2013: Energy Superproducer

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In this issue:

Canadians celebrated Tax Freedom Day on June 10
by Milagros Palacios and Charles Lammam
Fraser Institute researchers calculate when Canadians will have earned enough to pay all government taxation.

Calls to raise Alberta taxes must be ignored
by Mark Milke
Before taxes are raised, Alberta’s inflation rate and population growth must be considered.

Bad news budget dims New Brunswick’s economic prospects
by Charles Lammam and Hugh MacIntyre
What will be the lasting impact of New Brunswick’s latest budget?

Taxes and civilization: Let’s not overdo it
by Mark Milke
A brief history of taxation.

How much we pay in taxes: 1961 vs. 2012
by Charles Lammam and Milagros Palacios
Are Canadians getting good value for the taxes they pay?

The case for public-private partnerships
by Charles Lammam and Hugh MacIntyre
Public-private partnerships prove more successful in public infrastructure.

Royalty hikes could dethrone Quebec’s mining sector
by Alana Wilson and Kenneth P. Green
Changes to Quebec’s mining policy will decrease developer interest.

Canada’s status as an energy producer compared with other countries
by Gerry Angevine
Where does Canada stand as an energy producer?

Ontario’s Green Energy Act a bad bargain for Ontarians
by Kenneth P. Green and Ross McKitrick
The newly passed act will have very modest impact on the environment at high financial costs.

Cutting Canada’s drug approval delay while improving safety
by Nadeem Esmail
Canada’s drug approval rate is much slower than other Western nations.

A physician’s view: Canada health care—financial waste and mediocre care by design
by Stephen Pinney, MD
A physician gives his thoughts on Canada’s health care system based on his time working in a BC hospital.

Lower drug prices, lower costs, better care?
by Kristina M. Lybecker and Nadeem Esmail
What are the perks of purchasing drugs in bulk?

How about a holiday from Canada’s health care straightjacket?
by Nadeem Esmail and Mark Milke
Canadians would be wise to listen to other nations on universal health care.

Regulation Review: HOT lanes are a great idea, but not for subsidizing transit
by Joel Wood
Would charging drivers to take HOV lanes improve traffic congestion?

Q&A with Ravina Bains
An interview with the director of the new Centre for Aboriginal Policy Studies.

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