Fraser Forum - March/April 2011: Prognosis: Fewer Canadian Physicians

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In this issue:

NATO begins building a transatlantic missile defence
by Alan W. Dowd
Advances in technology and proliferation of longrange missiles have made missile defence not just a theoretical possibility, but an essential piece of the West’s security puzzle.

Inequality: Twenty-first-century Canada is not eighteenth-century France
by Mark Milke
Scholars of human progress continue to find that open trade, entrepreneurialship, secure property rights, toleration, moderate taxation, and limited and predictable government help everyone in a society prosper.

Canada’s physician supply
by Nadeem Esmail
There are too few physicians practising in Canada today, and the situation is only getting worse.

Leaving Canada for medical care
by Nadeem Esmail
Exactly how many Canadians receive treatment outside Canada each year?

The private cost of public queues
by Nadeem Esmail
The rationing of health care in Canada through queues for medically necessary health services imposes direct costs on those waiting for care.

Ignatieff’s Liberals just don’t get it
by Charles Lammam, Niels Veldhuis, and Milagros Palacios
The Liberal and opposition parties need to reverse their misguided positions on corporate taxes.

Towards a continental crude oil and natural gas strategy
by Gerry Angevine
Read a summary of the obstacles to free-market development of the continent’s petroleum resources and future policy recommendations.

Canada’s federal Renewable Fuels Regulations: An example of poor decision making
by Joel Wood
The recently imposed Renewable Fuels Regulations will result in large costs to the petroleum industry and consumers, while providing very little verifiable benefit to society.

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