Fraser Forum - May/June 2013: Value for money in health care: Varying performances across Canada

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In this issue:

Balanced budget in BC comes with short- and long-term pain
by Jason Clemens, Niels Veldhuis, and Milagros Palacios
BC Liberals have put an emphasis on balancing the budget over the next year.

BC’s Prosperity Fund: A good idea if designed properly
by Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuis
Careful attention to the details will be needed for the BC Prosperity Fund to work.

How much would Alberta’s Heritage Fund be had it followed Alaska’s or Norway’s rules?
by Robert Murphy and Jason Clemens
Alaska and Norway offer clear lessons for management of Alberta’s Heritage Fund.

Canada’s $6.4 billion corporate welfare budget
by Mark Milke
The federal budget contains a plethora of subsidies to a variety of businesses.

Comprehensive review of the Investment Canada Act desperately needed
by Niels Veldhuis
What are the regulations for foreign purchase of Canadian companies?

Return of the PST darkens the BC economy
by Charles Lammam and Hugh MacIntyre
Doing away with HST in BC will effect the competitiveness of businesses there.

Lessons for Canada from the US’s Earned Income Tax Credit experience
by Niels Veldhuis and Jason Clemens
Canadians should take note of tax credit changes occurring south of the border.

Leaving Canada for medical care, 2012
by Nadeem Esmail
How many Canadians are leaving the country to seek faster access to health care?

Overheated rhetoric
by Kenneth P. Green and Joel Wood
The Leader of the Opposition’s stance on the Kyoto protocol is misguided.

Value for money in health care: Varying performances across Canada
by Bacchus Barua and Nadeem Esmail
Do Canadians receive good value for their health care costs?

Silver lining in Afghanistan?
by Alan W. Dowd
Afghanistan’s future could lie in its vast natural resources.

Regulation review: Big gulp bans are misguided
by Joel Wood
Why a recent proposed ban for large pop servings in New York would not fight obesity.

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