Fraser Forum - November/December 2011 - How Canada's premiers Stack up

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In this issue:

The Canadian dream is well within reach
by Amela Karabegović and Charles Lammam
Canadians are still able to climb the income ladder throughout their lives.

Celebrate workers by giving them more choice
by Amela Karabegović and Charles Lammam
Implementing worker choice laws would provide real stimulus to the economy.

Fiscal performance of Canada's premiers
by Amela Karabegović, Charles Lammam and Milagros Palacios
The current and former Canadian premiers are ranked according to their fiscal policies.

A new fiscal direction is needed for Ontario and Quebec
by Charles Lammam and Amela Karabegović
The premiers of Ontario and Quebec don't stack up next to their colleagues in other provinces.

Update from Alberta: Deficits, the public sector, and the new premier
by Mark Milke
More spending in Alberta points to trouble for their financial future.

Mitigating the crushing blow to BC's competitiveness
by Niels Veldhuis, Charles Lammam and Milagros Palacios
With the reintroduction of the PST, will Bc businesses stay competitive?

End regional development
by Niels Veldhuis, Charles Lammam and Milagros Palacios
To balance the budget, spending on regional development agencies needs to be cut.

How much do we really pay? The price of public health care
by Milagros Palacios and Nadeem Esmail
A clear picture of how much "free" health care costs Canadian taxpayers.

An Alberta superboard: Effective regulatory streamlinging or smoke and mirrors
by Gerry Angevine
Alberta's plan to create energy superboards will not solve problems.

Interview with Chris Schafer
Chris Schafer, executive director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation discusses the state of economic freedom in Canada.

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