Fraser Forum - November/December 2012: Solving traffic congestion the European way

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In this issue:

The price of public health care insurance in 2012
by Nadeem Esmail and Milagros Palacios
Canadian health care is often considered “free” but how much do Canadians actually pay for the care they receive?

How the media covered Occupy Wall Street—and crony capitalism
by Mark Milke
A year ago, the Occupy protests dominated the headlines. This article compares the media coverage of Occupy Wall Street with that of corporate welfare.

Canadian cities can look to London and Stockholm for traffic solutions
by Joel Wood
Can European congestion solutions be adopted in Canada to ease the daily commute?

Western Canada becoming more attractive for investment in petroleum exploration and development
by Gerry Angevine
This year’s petroleum survey found that barriers to investment are disappearing in western provinces, which is sparking more interest in the western region.

Freedom and failed states
by Alan W. Dowd
Overlooking weak, failed, and poorly governed states can affect stronger, well governed countries.

Regulation Review: Is it time to lift the moratorium on offshore oil activity in BC?
by Joel Wood
There are significant deposits of gas and oil resources off the BC coast but current laws prohibit exploration.

Quarterly Research Alert
Our researchers summarize new research on: tax policy, labour market policy, economic policy, and environmental policy.

Canadian labour markets: An assessment
by Nachum Gabler
Strong labour markets are vital to Canada’s economic prosperity. This article studies the current labour market climate in Canada and discusses what needs to be done to keep it strong.

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