Fraser Forum - November/December 2013: Saving the Euro

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In this issue:

Should Right-to-Work come to Canada?
by Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuis
Worker choice laws could boost Ontario and BC’s business competitiveness.

Honesty & trust
by Walter Williams
How do dishonesty and distrust affect commerce?

Reforming Old Age Security: A good start but incomplete
by Jason Clemens, Milagros Palacios, and Niels Veldhuis
The federal government recently made changes to OAS but more is needed.

Controlling soaring public sector pension costs: Lessons from the Saskatchewan NDP
by Mark Milke
What can the rest of Canada take away from Saskatchewan’s public pension reforms of the 1970s?

Pensions and government both hurting from Canada’s inability to ship oil to market
by Kenneth P. Green
Canada is a leader in oil production but has trouble when it comes to shipping the product.

Saving the euro by opening the exit door
by Fred McMahon
What can be done in Europe to fix the euro crisis?

The “science” of global warming, part 1
by Kenneth P. Green
The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report is a document intended to further the narrative of catastrophic man-made climate change.

Regulation Review: Giving Canadians faster access to new medicines
by Nadeem Esmail and Bacchus Barua
Duplicating US and European drug approval in Canada causes slower adoption of new medication and more pain for patients.

Neil Young’s utopian vision of Mother Earth
by Mark Milke
The Canadian folksinger misses some key information when it comes to Alberta’s oil sands.

Hate to break it to you Walt, but it’s pretty bad in Canada too
by Bacchus Barua
How would Breaking Bad have unfolded had the drama taken place in Canada? (Hint: Not as you might think).

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