Fraser Forum - September/October 2011: The Case for privatizing Canada Post

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In this issue:

Flaherty’s plan on shaky ground
by Niels Veldhuis and Charles Lammam
The Conservative government should use its new majority to implement the type of balanced budget plan that the Prime Minister and his colleagues once championed while they were members of the opposition.

The welfare state was always an illusion
by Mark Milke
The social welfare model has not been tested for affordability and is little more than an intergenerational sleight of hand.

Recent mail disruption strengthens case to privatize Canada Post
by Charles Lammam and Amela Karabegović
Canadians have much to gain from the privatization of postal services and our recent mail disruption only strengthens the case. It is time to privatize Canada Post.

New compensation package for BC teachers should tie pay to performance
by Niels Velhuis, Peter Cowley, and Milagros Palacios
The current compensation system for BC teachers does not recognize effectiveness, in teaching, but the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation does not seem willing to consider one that does.

Indecent disclosure
by Niels Velhuis and Amela Karabegović
Disclosure requirements are already in place in Canada for publicly traded companies, charities, and other public organizations; unions should be treated no differently.

Quarterly research alert
Our researchers summarize the findings of recent studies on important topics including taxation, the environment, and charitable giving.

Using private drug insurance to achieve universal access for new prescription drugs
by Mark Rovere
It is time for governments to get out of the business of drug insurance and allow a competitive private sector to do what it does best: respond to consumer demand.

Corporate headquarters in Canada
by Alex Gainer
On a per capita basis, more corporations locate their headquarters in Calgary than in any other Canadian city.

Overcoming regulatory obstacles to upstream petroleum investment
by Gerry Angevine and Miguel Cervantes
This article summarizes the results of the 2011 Global Petroleum Survey.

British Columbia pesticide prohibition
by Nachum Gabler and Joel Wood
The proposed blanket prohibition on cosmetic pesticide use in BC is devoid of the careful contrasting of costs and benefits that should be undertaken before any regulations are adopted.

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