Buying Health Change? The 2005 Survey of High Earner Pay in Ontario's Hospitals

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Half of Ontario's $33 billion in public health care spending goes to the hospital sector and at least three-quarters of that amount is labour income. Since health spending is the largest single factor affecting provincial finances (and is expected to be over 46 percent of all program spending during the current provincial government's mandate), it is crucial to monitor hospital pay trends.

Accordingly, this is the second annual Fraser Institute survey of hospital pay that focuses on high earning employees, those making over $100,000. This survey is the only comprehensive and detailed database that can be monitored on an annual basis, though it is a somewhat limited indicator of overall pay trends for all hospital workers.

This Alert examines the recently released 2004 pay information in the context of recent trends. A value-for-money assessment follows, as do various policy recommendations. The appendix provides details of data and methodology.

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