Canadian Student Review - Fall 2010

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In this issue:
Fiscal Policy: Not an Optionby Michael Dial
1st place winner, Fraser Institute 2010 Essay Contest.

Let the Market Correct Itself: The Unintended Consequences of Monetary Policyby Joshua Schultz
2nd place winner, Fraser Institute 2010 Essay Contest.

Crises and Responses: How Should Free Societies Respond to Economic Calamities?by Ryan G. Hauser
High School winner, Fraser Institute 2010 Essay Contest.

Financial Armageddonby Jeff Bone
Young Canadians need to be informed about government debt because the western economic world is on the brink of disaster.

No Sports Welfareby Mark Milke and Niels Veldhuis
Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently announced that his government will never directly fund professional sports teams, but taxpayers might be forced to ante up for the facilities such teams play in: the rumoured amount for a Quebec City arena is $175-million from the Quebec government and a similar amount from Ottawa. This taxpayer-funded largesse would provide no benefit to the economy whatsoever.

Ask the Professorwith Dr. Steven Horwitz
Professor Horwitz discusses the economics of fascism.

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