Canadian Student Review - Fall 2013

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In this issue:

Taxing “unhealthy” foods won’t reduce obesity
Nadeem Esmail
Why a “fat tax” won’t make Canadians healthier

The Video Gallery
Watch Jonathan Kay from the National Post present on aboriginal prosperity.

Canadian military spending: The great debate
Frazier Fathers
Is an all-purpose military the best solution, and at what cost to taxpayers?

The Book Corner
Paul J. Zak
The Moral Molecule

From the Archives
Opportunity Costs: Calculating the alternatives
Niels Veldhuis

The Quote Wall
Winston Churchill on private enterprise

When setting policy, governments too often ignore consumers
Mark Milke
Are consumer interests neglected by government policies protecting domestic industry?

Hot Topics
What’s new from the Institute:
Rules on wireless competition and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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