Canadian Student Review: Fall 2014

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Weaker loonie hurts Canadians more than it helps
Philip Cross
A weaker loonie triggers higher domestic prices, and higher importing and financing costs, hurting consumers, businesses and government.

Arab Spring reforms remain ineffectual due to lack of economic freedom
Fred McMahon
Economic freedom is vital to the recovery of the Arab world, which is still plagued by elite privilege and crony capitalism.

The Video Gallery - Canadian Consumer Tax Index 2014
Canadian families currently spend more money on taxes than on food, clothing, and shelter combined.

Health care in Canada costs typical Canadian family more than $11,000
Bacchus Barua and Milagros Palacios
While health care costs in Canada are rising, many Canadians are unaware of what they really pay for health care through their taxes.

The Quote Wall
Frédéric Bastiat on living at the expense of the state.

The Book Corner
Pierre Lemieux
Who Needs Jobs? Spreading Poverty or Increasing Welfare

Canada’s personal income tax rates: Time for reform
Feixue Ren
Tax reforms could improve Canada’s tax competitiveness and attract capital, investment, and skilled workers from around the world.

Hot Topics
What’s New from the Institute: The Burger King-Tim Horton’s merger and teacher incentive pay.

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