Canadian Student Review: Fall 2015

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In this issue:

Demographics, Taxes, and the Future
by Brennan Sorge, featured high school student contributor
Canada’s aging population and the policy reforms required to reduce the increasing tax burden on future generations.

The Book Corner
Economic Principles for Prosperity
by Robert P. Murphy, Jason Clemens, Milagros Palacios, and Niels Veldhuis
Key economic principles and common myths of the Canadian economy.

How much does your family spend on Health Care Insurance?

Fraser Forum
An Adult Conversation About the Oilsands.

by Ken Green
For humans to thrive, we must consume vast quantities of energy.

Video Gallery
Economic Freedom of the World

How increased economic freedom can improve conditions of those living in poverty.

Rejecting the Union Disadvantage
by Matthew Lau
A look at Canada’s outdated labour relations laws.

2015 Essay Contest Winners
Topic: National Security and the Role of Government: Safety vs. Privacy in a Technological Age.

From the Archives
Property Rights: The Foundation of Our Freedoms

by Peter Leeson
Why property rights are necessary for prosperity and trade.

Hot Topics
What’s New from the Institute: A look at student enrollment and why energy and environmental regulations are inefficient.

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